My Next Photographic Adventure: Galapagos Islands, Then On To Help Kids!

On February 18th, I leave for Ecuador, SA, I am pretty excited about this trip for many reasons. It is some ways going home for me. It is the place where so much of who I am was formed. I mean, it’s where I graduated high school, where I formed many of my perspectives on humanity, and where I learned adventure.

I am going to start with the last part of my trip first because it is the mission part of the trip that actually matters most in the big scheme of things. From March 9-11 I will be working with Compassion International in Santa Elena a small town about 2 1/2 hours north of Guayaquil. If you are not familiar with Compassion they are a group where individuals like you and I sponsor individual kids for $30 per month. With these resources they make sure sponsored kids needs are covered; their nutritional, educational, medical, and spiritual needs. Check them out Here: Compassion International

They are very similar to World Vision another organization which our family supports two kids through. Since I will be meeting the kids that Compassion works with, I think it is a good opportunity and time to take on a couple of more kids. You can never have enough kids right??? Any way you may remember that when I went to Africa I raised funds for a computer for the Hope for Aids Project (thank you again for all you that helped with that!) So here is a new opportunity for you. With anticipation of heading south I am again looking to take something to them. I have talked this over with Compassion and since they are child focused they would prefer that I bring kid things. Here is the list of recommended gifts:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports supplies (soccer balls, Frisbees, etc)
  • Small musical instruments
  • Simple toys like jump ropes, jacks, marbles, toy cars, etc.
  • Dolls, doll clothes
  • Picture books, coloring books and crayons
  • Soaps, shampoo
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste
  • Calculators
  • Bookmarks
  • School supplies – pens, pencils, small sharpeners, markers, papers, stickers

If you would like to help out with funds send them to:

Kenton Rowe Photography

815 S California St.

Helena, MT 59601

If you are local and would like to buy some of these things call me (465-6707) before February 12th and I will come pick them up.

100% of what is donated will be delivered by me to the kids in Santa Elena, and I will take lots of pictures for you all.

Galapagos Islands:

Yep, I lived in Ecuador for three years and the one major thing I didn’t get to do was visit Galapagos. Twenty some years later  I will be there to teach photography for Lindblad / National Geographic aboard the National Geographic Endeavor. I will be one of a hand full of photographers taking guests onto the islands coaching them on how to maximize their images. If you are thinking “Shoot, I want to go to Galapagos and learn photography from Kenton” I will be leading a second series of workshops there again in June. Stay tuned,  and come and join me then.

This picture has nothing to do with my Galapagos trip, but it is one that I shot on assignment last

October that I thought might lure you in. Enjoy!

windmill copy


Bozeman Photo Expo 2014


Come on down and join us this weekend for the Camera Expo, October 18-19, 2014.

Friday afternoon I will be leading a field workshop in Silver Star Montana. Cost $49.00 (Sign up through Bozeman Camera)

Saturday morning I will be giving a lecture on how to tell the story with your image.  Free





Expo Website

Feature on The Dunwell Report

A few months ago my business partner Jeff VanTine and had the honor of being featured on “The Dunwell Report”, a half hour talk show that airs throughout Montana. Don was a great host, and gave Jeff and I a great opportunity to talk about our work and what drives us as photographers. If you are interested in checking it out follow the links below. Thank you for the invitation Don!Franchises_Dunwell_Report_2014_02_20_Rowne_And_VanTine_Pt1_150207730


The Dunwell Report: Part One

The Dunwell Report: Part Two


A Civil War Battle From the Inside

As a young boy I was a fierce supporter of the Union; they were against slavery and as far as I was concerned it was as simple as that. As a young man I picked up the book , ” Robert E. Lee on Leadership, Executive Lessons In Character, Courage, and Vision”.  It muddied my clarity on the Civil War, I learned it wasn’t as simple as a single issue. It was a monumental struggle, growing pains for our nation, ones that caused great pain and sorrow.  I am still not a fan of slavery, but I now understand there was a lot more to the story.

Over the last year I made several trips to Virginia to do work for James Madison’s Montpelier, and during one of those visits they were hosting a Civil War battle reenactment; an irresistible delight for a photographer. I spent some good time surveying the “battlefield” and realized that the location from where I would be posted was going to be way to far away to get anything of quality. I then proceeded to  request from Confederate Commanding Officer  Grady that I be allowed to hide in some of the tall grass in the middle of the battlefield. Commander Grady responded, “No non uniformed soldier is permitted on the battle field.”  It was there I found my loop hole… no non uniformed soldier. I fired back, “So if I can find someone who will loan me a uniform can I march out to battle with a camera instead of a gun?” He murmured back “If you have a uniform”. A half hour later I found myself marching in formation in a gray wool confederate uniform with the badge of a private, and a camera and a couple of lenses stuffed under my coat.  I was told to stay close to the company doctor as we marched out to battle.  Being that I use a camera that has burst of shots I am pretty sure that the most shots fired on the field that day were with my camera rather than the muskets. I would have never dreamed as a boy that I would someday be part of a civil war battle wearing Confederate gray. Here is an excerpt of some the images from the day.

View More Images: Click Here


Confederate soldiers march on; look close one soldier makes sure the union soldiers  won’t get up and fight again.

Russian National Geographic Cover

A few days ago I checked the Russian version of National Geographic’s web site as I have daily over the last few weeks. I can’t put to words the feeling of seeing the page open with one of my images on it, surrounded by text that I have no idea what says. It doesn’t matter though, the iconic golden yellow border framing an image that I captured is a special moment of personal awe. In my  “book shelf” of memories where does it fit; definitely not front and center, next to Karen and I’s wedding, or the births of Auston and Andie, but down a little further;  above my academic graduations…you bet.

I have to say the whole National Geographic process is pretty un-ceremonious. I was at Safeway last week and picked up my first three copies of the American version, when I arrived home my copy from the National Geographic had come in the mail. It is funny how something with out a lot of hoopla and pomp and circumstance can have even more meaning when it is quiet and you can soak it in without distractions. I thank all of you that have shared your excitement for me and with me. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

I am still trying to figure out how to purchase some myself, so once I do I will post a link (if that is possible). Either way let me know if you are interested in one by dropping me an email at: . I will either send you the link, or I will purchase a number of them and distribute to those interested. Thanks 

To view online click here: December 2013 National Geographic Russia

Nat Geo Cover 2

November 15th… NG-Day For Me

November 15th has been an important day on my calendar for a while now.  I know my little secret has bubbled up on face book over the last few weeks, but today is the official day I can announce my works debut in National Geographic Magazine. The December issue has a feature story on mountain lions that was assigned to another photographer but they decided to throw one of my images in the mix. Additionally, the Russian version is featuring one of my images as the cover.  I will post more on this as it comes out with links and all. This is my big news I was alluding to a few weeks ago.